About Us
Hijab Fashion

Based in Netherlands, Hazanah was born on August 2014, as the answer of the needs of online global Modest Fashion store- especially in the Europe. Hazanah understands that every ethnicity has its own preferred style, that is why it is constantly striving to provide the variety of looks in modest fashion.

Hazanah curates the products carefully and putting quality, style, uniqueness as the priority. The products of Hazanah, are coming from different part of the world, every pieces are the work of art created by great designers who dedicated their works for modest fashion enthusiasts.

Shopping in Hazanah, is like witnessing the journey of style on its own with the beautiful images that represent modest fashion in the best way. You can find all the things that a woman’s need on the site, from clothing- daily, evening, sportswear, hijab/headscarf to accessories.

Backed by good and helpful customer service team, Hazanah tries to provide great customer satisfaction for the buyers. Hazanah has also built a strong bound with its customers through social medias, supported by notable bloggers.
Hazanah is a lifestyle hub of modern modesty.

If you are a self confident woman who love what you are wearing, dare to be different and love to try and experimenting new style then Hazanah is your home. You are the fashionable modest woman that we love.

Be a part of this beautiful journey along with our worldwide customers that we called… the beautiful Hazanah Women.